We give our talent, time and money to doing good work for community and social causes.  We have established a vision focused on youth, international, and local human needs.

Contact us: info@westportsunriserotary.org

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Food and clothing drives; meals cooked; mentoring; tutoring; countless service hours; $1 million raised and given away. Over 50 charities, local and international, have benefitted from our hard work and dedication.

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We have monthly "get together" dinners at local restaurants; we organize beach, holiday and changeover parties; even our fundraising events are fun - Wine Tasting and The Great Duck Race.

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The Club is looking to welcome new qualified members. If you live or work in Westport/Weston or surrounding area towns, have a desire to give back to the community and enjoy fellowship with others who share those same goals, we invite you to consider membership.  Drop in on a 7:30 to 9:00am Friday morning meeting, INTRODUCE YOURSELF AND HAVE SOME BREAKFAST WITH US.

We also have speakers every week.  If you run a business, a charity, if you teach, write, if you are a professional (medicine, law..), and/or you believe that you have an interesting story to tell to 50-60 people at 7:30 on a Friday morning, contact us.